Our Modules

Customer Module

Our customer app lets you book your favorite meal at any of our registered restaurants. You can sort the restaurants by distance, cuisine and ratings to find your favorite restaurant.

Find favorite restaurants

Use our application to find your favorite restaurants. You can sort by distance, cuisine and ratings.

Browse through the extensive menu

Browse through the freshly updated menu of available restaurants to find your next perfect meal.

Place your order

Select your meal and quantity to place your order by paying online.

Navigate to the restaurant

You can start to the restaurant by letting them know that you have started.

Dine-in or Takeaway

Arrive for your food ready with minimal to zero waiting time! You can dine in or take away as per your preference.

Leave a Rating

Please don't forget to leave a rating. It helps us to validate our service and serve you better.

Restaurant Module

All your business needs in one app.

Register as a partner

Partner with us by contacting us; Our team will reach you shortly for registration process.

Add your menu

Post registration and approval, you can start uploading your menu to the application and make sure to keep it updated for better ordering experience.

Be active in responding to orders

As you start getting orders, it is vital that you accept the order and serve it hot and fresh on time.

There's inventory management too !

You can also manage your inventory with our application.

You can also add / remove chefs

The application offers a chef management module where you can manage your chef details online.

Prompt service gets you more customers !

While serving quality food is preeminent, prompt service is also crucial to retaining your customers.

Chef Module

You get to see orders as they are registered, update them and align your work accordingly. This is aimed at increasing productivity while serving quality food.

Login with your credentials

Upon registering by the restaurant, chefs can login to their module with the given credentials.

You get your own app !

You will have your own access. You can view the orders placed by the customers and start preparing the food.

Order Status

You will update the status of the order so that the restaurant and the customers will be notified immediately

You get notified when to prepare the food

While serving food on time is essential, serving fresh food is also high priority. This is why we have incorporated a mechanism called customer tracking which calculates and notifies the customer's reaching time to serve the food.

On the fly inventory management

You can also manage the inventory and set the item quantities according to your daily consumption and requirement.

You can finally focus on just cooking!

Considering the customers waiting time, you can focus on making the best food to serve fresh.