Our Team

Our Team

"We do the work that matters"

Rama Krishna Gande
Chief Executive Officer

Rama Krishna Gande is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of KJ Info LLC, a Business Consulting and Global Information Technology services company headquartered in Hoboken, NJ.

He is an accomplished Entrepreneur and a Transformational Leader having been part of the US IT and outsourcing market for over 16 years. He remains involved in all aspects of the Business including Product Development, Staffing, Payroll, Compliance Management, Recruitment, and Sales. Under his Leadership, the company has grown to achieve annual revenue of over $2.8 Million within just 3 years. He holds a Dual Masters’ Degree in Business Administration with Human Resources, IT and Marketing Specializations.

Veenadhari Gande
Human Resources Manager

Veenadhari Gande is an Accomplished, Creative, and Dedicated Human Resources Manager of KJ Info LLC having over 5 years of work experience in various industries as an HR Manager.

She has experience in managing the Monthly Payroll, Handling all Employee Grievances, Compliance Activities, Employee Relations, Communications, and Appraisals, etc. She maintains the Compliance Calendar, Documentation of Compliance Activities to Ensure all Regulatory Policies and Procedures are Documented, Implemented, and Communicated. She would be conducting the Periodic Performance Reviews / Audits to ensure all the Compliance Policies & Procedures are Implemented Efficiently.

Rageeth Sivasankaran
Technical Architect (Product Development) & Co-Founder

Rageeth Sivasankaran is a Tech Savvy Architect with over 13 years of experience in the IT industry. He has a Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science Engineering and has worked with top retailers like Target, 1800 Flowers, and Home Depot in the US and Argos, Sainsbury's in the UK.

With a knack in executing complex IT projects, he will lead the entire technical and product team from Inception to Production. By involving the team daily he will monitor and track the progress and needs of the technical competencies required to execute the project. With extensive technical expertise, he will be able to choose the right technical stack, infrastructure requirement, third party integration which meets today’s dynamic and changing customer needs.

J. Christian Allman
Director – Business Development

J. Christian Allman is a Dynamic Business Development Director of KJ Info LLC from a Marketing and Sales Background having 25 years of invaluable experience in Managerial Capacity working with Multinational Companies with an effective talent towards International Business and Technology Solutions.

He is Responsible for all New Client Acquisitions, Managing the Existing Clients, and interact with Clients daily as he is Accountable for Revenue Generation as well as the Client Relationship Management.